About the site

When I was seven Iowa won the Rose Bowl. When I was 9 they did it again. And I am still seven years old every time we sing the Iowa Fight Song.

– Paul Stokstad

It all started over here...

I started doing this with paulstuf.com. But then I thought of 1957...

Not a typical store

These items use images that I either buy, create or modify. They are printed on demand so they might take as much as 10-14 days to arrive. Hopefully you are more patient than I am.

Stay in touch

I'm planning other sites to provide school color designs for colleges, universities and pro teams. Let me know if you think I should feature your favorite team.

About Returns…

We don’t haveĀ  a returns policy

We wish we did have one, other than the fact that we can’t accept returns and issue refunds.

These products are made one at a time, by manufacturers all over the US and, in some cases the UK, Europe, and even China. That gives us the flexibility to bring really innovative and unique products that are sized for you (to their best estimation, based on your order), but all kinds of things could go wrong.

Delivery can sometimes take a couple of weeks, subjecting you (and me!) to a sort of toe-tapping wait time that we are not used to anymore in our instant gratification lifestyles.

Sometimes the size descriptions are wierd, such as the size charts that give you sizing based on the WIDTH of the product, so that a size 34 waist in their world is shown as a size 17 (inches). If you read those charts wrong, you may not order the right size.

When we design, sometimes thing look really great at size medium, but when they lay it onto a size large in the factory, the lines may not lay out exactly the same. This is especially true of horizontal stripes such as flags, We can’t guarantee that the stripes down the seam under the arms will line up exactly.

These products are mostly designed for color, and admittedly are not custom tailored work.. If you think of them as more or less fun wear or flash pieces, you will be in the right zone. The poly items are typically sturdy, however, and will hold color for repeated washings. Other fabrics are not compatible with all-over printing. We hope to get into constructed clothing with fully dyed cotton and other fabrics, but that may take a while.

Everything looks better on a model, unless you are one, in which case, let’s talk!



Let’s Talk…

If you have any comments, questions, or ideas for Iowa-themed designs, please let me know by email at pstokstad@miu.edu