About the site

When I was seven Iowa won the Rose Bowl. When I was 9 they did it again. I never recovered…  And I am still seven years old every time we sing the Iowa Fight Song.

It all started over here...

I started doing this with paulstuf.com. But then I thought of 1957...

Not a typical store

These items use images that I either buy, create or modify. They are printed on demand so they might take as much as 10-14 days to arrive. Hopefully you are more patient than I am.

Stay in touch

I'm planning other sites to provide school color designs for colleges, universities and pro teams. Let me know if you think I should feature your favorite team.

About The Money

A message from Paul Stokstad

About the money

If we make money off this site that will be a great thing because it will mean that we can keep doing this.

We’re having fun with it, and work that’s fun is a rare thing. And you will hopefully enjoy your products, too.

In addition, federal taxes combined with the Iowa tax rate will mean that we will pay the highest corporate taxes in the nation, as much as 33%.

And we think that’s a great thing, because that means we will automatically be doing some kind of good in terms of contributions to road building, schools and other government projects.

About licensing

I think licensing is a great thing, and I fully support the idea of you buying stuff that benefits Iowa schools. On the other hand, licensing can add 7-14% to the cost of what you buy, and that makes it hard for small businesses to compete with companies such as Nike and Lululemon.

Big marketing firms spend a lot on research trying to guess what you might buy this year, based on fashion research. Solo designers like me just have ideas that we like ourselves an hope that you like.

Of course I think we are more agile and creative and can do fun (i.e. – far cooler!) stuff that a big company is afraid to try.

We can try anything because we only have to actually make what you like, not guess right sometimes and wrong others, making a lot of what may end up as landfill products.

We hope that you like our fun designs and will be willing to wait a little longer at times to get something unique.

Paul Stokstad of paulstuf.com (and iowacolors.com)

Qui Bono?

Obviously I will be happy if this site makes money and I can keep doing this. But we want to give back just like a school licensing product does, and so we are choosing one children’s charity in each college town that we are celebrating. In Iowa City the most obvious choice is the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, which has been in the news in recent years due to the “Wave” an end of the first quarter tradition at University of Iowa football games.

In addition, my wife and I are personally indebted to that hospital due to the successful heard surgery performed there on our 9 month old child back in 2003.

In any case, we plan to donate 10% of any profits received for school colors-themed products to the designated children’s charity in each community.



Let’s Talk

If you have any comments, questions, or ideas for Iowa-themed designs, please let me know by email at pstokstad@mum.edu