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This site features clothing and other items that celebrate major colleges in Iowa.

Our designs don’t focus on logos and the typical game day apparel because there are already a zillion companies doing that (and we link to them if that’s what you want).

We are all about exploring the boundaries of what can be done with the team colors for each school.

Save on licensing fees

To add school names, university logos and slogans to clothing items adds licensing fees as high as 12 percent to the cost of your purchase. That’s a great thing for your school but not so great for your pocketbook. Since we don’t pay that we can save you money, but we still give 10% of any profits to a children’s charity in each college town.

We can’t use names like Iowa Hawkeyes, Iowa Cyclones and Northern Iowa Panthers on our products and promotional pages. But we think you can probably figure out which school these designs are for based on the city and the colors (see below).

And then you can get some unique designs for less.

Lifestyle designs

Game day wear is a must for team fans, and it’s a lot of fun to be part of that.

All of our clothing and tailgate designs make great game day statements, but they are equally fun and useful as clothing that you can wear anywhere.

Now you can celebrate your team all day, anywhere.

By shopping on this site you are joining a new kind of business with less waste and more personalization. These products are BOD, or built on demand. That means that they are made one at a time to your specification.

Therefore there is no unsold product sitting on a shelf somewhere only to be thrown away if unsold. This setup allows for unbounded creativity in terms of design, since only one or two items sold is already worth doing.

That means you get access to more design options than would normally be available in a normal wholesale/retail setup .

On the other hand, since the items are made one at a time, they are not sitting on a shelf ready for shipment. To be a part of the this no-waste, personalized business model, you may need to wait as long as 10 days or so for your items to arrive.

But arrive they will, and you will probably be the only person around with unique team color designs in your look.

A Benefit Business

A benefit business is modeled on the conceptĀ  of a B-Corporation. We are in the process of applying for B-corporation status. While we wait, please note that for every town that we feature we select a children’sĀ  charity to donate to. In addition we pay full corporate and state taxes in order to contribute fully to society at large.